At Olde Hansa, we make our flavoured almonds in the same way that we make all of our dishes. In selecting our raw ingredients and coming up with our combinations of flavours, taste bud specialist and owner Auri Hakomaa and leading Belgian chef Emmanuel Wille (a.k.a. Manu) are guided by the same philosophy as they are in creating the restaurant’s signature dishes. Every aspect of gastronomic refinement is taken into account in the production of the almonds, and no corners are cut when it comes to quality. As such, our almonds represent one of the world’s most democratic pleasures – the creations of two of the biggest names in the culinary world enjoyed by the masses.

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Rich combinations of flavours

Olde Hansa’s flavoured almonds are marked out by their high quality and expertly developed combinations of flavours. Like a good wine, flavour comes in waves, with a long-lasting aftertaste following the initial flavours and aromas. This is achieved by structuring layers of flavour. Dozens of different flavourings from around the world go into the creation of every combination, as well as a variety of sugars and salts. As in the best food, our almonds strike a balance between the four main flavours – sweet, savoury, bitter and sour. It is thanks to this that the rich combination of flavours does not become overpowering, but fuses into a harmonious whole with the almonds.

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Healthy and natural

All of the flavourings we use are natural, and intensity of flavour is achieved without resorting to artificial enhancers. We don’t add any preservatives to our almonds, either.

Wide variety

We’ve been making sweet almonds at Olde Hansa for around ten years. Over that time our range has expanded – we now also produce four different types of savoury almonds: smoked salzmandel, salzmandel with garlic, salzmandel with pepper and salzmandel with herbs.

In the near future we plan to start producing other blends of nuts, as well as onion jams and other delicacies made by Olde Hansa’s master chefs.